Fuel Injector

The Hydrogen Injector is connected by a neoprene  hose line from upper fitting of the Hydrogen Cell number two to the air intake of gasoline engines  or the turbo air intake of diesel engines.

Drill a 1/2" hole on the manifold. Use one flat washer insert through the black nylon elbow, from the inside of the manifold and pushed through the manifold wall, insert the other washer on the outside of the manifold and screw the treads of the nylon elbow to the brass elbow assembly.

Be sure you tight this as hard as possible, because the Hydrogen will scape
by the smallest space. 

On this assembly are including a check valve, small section of vacuum black hose, a black nylon elbow, two washers and SS hose clamps attached. Be sure this hose clamps are tight.
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