Hydrogen Generator HG-XXI

This unit uses a combination of Master Control and all the components and sensors sensors of temperature, water levels, voltage, amperage; electrolytic and electrodes, that prevent instead of generating excessive heat, and producing contaminants and residuals.

There is no manual intervention of the operator. Not adjustments, no filters, no maintenance required. The system is completely automatic. See components

The components, Master Control,  Distributor, Hydrogen Cells, Radiator Kit, Electrolytic Filler, Monitor, Dual Dosad, Hydrogen Injector, VRG)  made by Hydrogennie Systems are seal and cast  in polyurethane to protect them from moisture, and the environment. The hardware parts used in this equipment are made of Stainless Steel. A Monitor, will inform the operator the status of the equipment:

Low water level also water/electrolytic mixture condition. This Model comes with all the components installed in a Steel Box. In the package you will receive a manual and procedures...
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