Water Tank HG WT1200

Mount the Water Tank in an upright position. Use the brackets and hardware provided. The water tank has a
minimum water level sensor to be connected to the Master Control, line marked "W", and a mechanical
maximum water level control, a top connection for the Hydrogen Injector.
Connect one of the bottom fitting to the input of the Water pump and a second bottom fitting to the output
top fitting on the Hydrogen Cell. Connect the top fitting to the Hydrogen Injector check valve.
Hydrogen Injector

To install the Hydrogen Injector drill a 9/16" hole on air intake manifold as close as possible to the Carburator. Use the fittings and components included. See more information. Connect the input to the upper connection on the Water Tank by using a Neoprene hose
Water Pump:

Connect the red or yellow wire from the pump to the Master Control line marked "P". 
Connect the black wire from the pump to Ground.
Connect a clear hose from the input of the pump to the bottom fitting on the Water Tank.
Connect the output of the pump to the input fitting on the radiator
Hydrogen Cell

Mount the Hydrogen Cell in an upright position as close as possible to the water pump, by using the mounting brackets and hardware included. It has two upper and lower connection bolts. Two negatives marked green and two positives marked red.

The fitting in the bottom of the Hydrogen Cell to be connected to the output of the Radiator and upper fitting to be connected to the bottom fitting on the  Water Tank. Connect one terminal on the Thermostat to the Master Control line marked "T" and the other terminal on the Vacuum Switch.
Any of the two upper connectors marked + have to be connected to the solenoid large bolts. Connect the negative connectors to ground.

Vacuum Switch

Follow the drawing attached. Using a red wire # 20 connect a line from the positive borne on the battery to the Vacuum switch. Connect the other terminal on the vacuum switch it to one terminal on the Thermostat.

Connect a stranded, green wire #20 from the wire marked "S" on the Master Control to one side of the coil on the solenoid; the other small bolt on the solenoid is connected to ground. In case than the solenoid you received has only one small bolt connect this one to the Master Control line "S"

Connect a stranded, red wire # 8 from the positive side on your battery to one of the large bolts on the Solenoid. Connect the other large bolt on the solenoid to a positive connector on the Hydrogen Cell

Master Control

Connect the terminal "W" to the minimum water level bolt on the
water tank, this connection is the minimum water level.

Connect the terminal "D" to a positive bolt on the hydrogen cell,
this connection maintain the electrodes clean

Connect the terminal "T" to one side of the thermostat on the Hydrogen Cell,
this connection keeps the water temperature under 120 F

Connect the terminal "S" to one of the small bolts on the Solenoid;
this connection will activate the Hydrogen Cell if everything is OK

Connect the line marked "G" to ground

Connect the terminal "P" to the positive side of the water pump; this
connection provides a controlled 12 VDC

Connect the terminal "L" to the line Red on the Monitor in the cabin.
   This connection will notify the operator of the need of water

Connect the terminal "M" to the line Green on the Monitor;
this connection will inform the operator of the working status of the system

* Connect the red wire marked "M" on the Dosad unit to any positive borne on the   Hydrogen Cell.
* Connect the line marked "GR" on the Dosad to ground.
* Split the line that comes from the Oxygen Sensor to the plug. 
* Connect the Orange wire on the Dosad marked S" to the sensor side and *
* Connect the other end connect it to the green wire on the Dosad marked "C"(computer).
* Plug the Oxygen Sensor back on.

*  Connect the Green line to the Master Control line marked "M"
*  Connect the Red line to the Master Control marked "L"
*  Connect the Black line to Ground

The Radiator was desgned and manufacured by Hydrogennie Systems, it is a combination of 1/4" aluminum tubing held together by a frame built of polyurethane material with a purpose of provide it with insulation from any metal parts.

This has to be mounted infront of the Radiator in you vehicle using the hardware provided.
To set the system you will need your electrolyte supplied, a digital voltmeter, and a gallon of distilled water.

Start the engine and by using the voltmeter read the battery voltage. You will read from 13.5 to 14.5 Volts. This reading will tell you that your battery and alternator is working properly.

1. - Open the water filler cap on the Water Tank and pour six cups of distilled water in the tank and then add half of the electrolyte supplied, and add three cups of water.

Warning: never pour the electrolyte first because doing this will cause a dangerous overheated reaction.

2.- To prime the water lines, unplug the red wire on the water pump power supply and by using the (testing wire line provided) connect this line directly to the positive side of the battery. This step will circulate the water through the water loop, be sure that the pump is working. Disconnect the temporary line and plug the proper line back on.

3. - Start the engine and measure the voltage again, and continue pouring the electrolyte until your reading is not less than 12.75 Volts. These measurements have to be done with the engine running.

4. - Add water to the tank until this overflows and put the thank plug tightly.
Remember that your vehicle Battery has to be in a good condition before you install the system, a bad battery will cause poor performance.
At this point you will have the system set at the optimum point

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Connect line No. 1 to a positive borne of the Hydrogen Cell
Connect line No. 2 to the positive side of the Water Pump
Connect line No. 3 to ground.