Water Tank HG WT XXI

The water tank has four litters of distilled water capacity. No electrolytic in it.
Electrolytic Filler

The electrolytic filler supply the electolitic when need it.

The Distributor is a container with one litter capacity where the water and the electrolytic is mixed. I has two electronic sensors, minimum and maximum liquid levels. Works also a final filter to the hydrogen gas before reach the hydrogen Injector.
Hydddrogen Injector

The injector is a combination or a check
valve, a gas injector, two elbows and a
3/8" barb fitting. This element is
connected between the distributor and
the air intake on gasoline engiens and the
turbo en diesel engines.
Water Pump

This pump do not use any gaskets to ware out, the shaft is made out zirconia, and turns by a magnetic field. It is guarantied to work continuosly for 30,000 hours.
The Radiator Kit (used only on the Generatos HG-XXI

This unit coprise of one air blower mounted on a radiator and is part of the cooling system.
Hyddrogen Cells

The hydrogen cells are sealed units, do not use any gaskets neither bolt to hold them together. Here is where the hydrogen/oxygen gases are renerated, by the the battery voltage passes from the negative to the positive electrodes contained in the interior. This cells have buil in a thermostat managed by the master control as parts of the cooling system. The house withstand up to 250 F degrees. The thermostat is set to 150 F degrees.

El solenoid work with 12 VDC and 85 Amps continuos duty.
Our units work at a maximum of 30 amps; we use them to provide a secure performance, accordingly to our claims.
Master Control

The device is the electronic brain that manage the rest of the electronic components, directed by the sensors part of the system.
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The monitor is the unit that will notify the operator of the wanter level status and the concentration of the electrolyte and is the only component connected outside of the model HG-XXI case.
All the components comes already installed inside of the metal
container, but the Monitor and the Hydrogen Injector

After mounting the Hydrogen Generator:

Open the metal box, fill the water tank with distilled water.

Before to run the engine on the road, start the engine and read the voltage display on the Monitor. It must read 12.75 Volts, in case is different follow instructions in the manual that comes with the system.
Congratulations, enjoy your inmediate savings.
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The system use two valves, one is connected between the water tank and the distributor (admition valve) and the second in connected to the distributor to the outside enviroment and works as relief valve. Both valves are managed by the master control.

The VRG provide a controlled voltage to manage the water pump and the electronic circuit that desintegrate the secondary contaminants produced by the electrolysis procces.