Master Control

The Master Control was designed as the electronic brain in the system, performing several functions:

It is a logic circuit that checks the water levels, temperature, amperage, voltage continuously and also condition the electrodes for best performance.

This module will keep the temperature under 150° F. The module will notify the driver when to add water and electrolytic. This module is encapsulated in polyurethane to protect it from the environment, temperature, water, and moisture. It is a casting unite.
The Master Control has to be mounted and connected on the Models HG-1200, on the Models HG-XXI comes already mounted and installed inside of the Steel Case. The Master Control must be connected accordingly with the schematic.

For the system to work the following conditions must be met:

*       The motor of your vehicle must me running
*       The water mixture must be higher than the minimum level on the Distributor
*       Temperature of the water less than 150° F.
*       The voltage on the Monitor at maximum 12.75 Volts
*       The amperage must be at the maximum required by the design.

When you turn the ignition switch on, and if the water temperature is less than 150, the Monitor and the Master Control are activated turning on the  Water and the Relief Valves to let water flow from the Water Tank to the Distributor until the water reach the maximun water level sensor trigering the Master Control to close the Valves and turn on the Solenoid.

When the solenoid is turned on, this will activate the VRGE, the Water Circulating Pump, Cooling Fan, Hydrogen Cells and Dosad all automatically, not adjustments to be made, no manual intervention of the vehicle operator.

At this time the system will be working and hydrogen will be flowing to the air intake in gasoline engines or the Turbo in Diesel engines. The Hydrogen is produced on demand, is avaliable only when the engine is runing.
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