With more than 40 years’ experience in the Industrial Engineering field started in 1970 as owner of GMS Metal
Products designing and manufacturing equipment to use in the restaurants and the food industry.

In GMS Metal Industry change the name to Sanco Industries Inc. and then designing and  manufactured automation conveyors for Abbott Laboratories, cryogenic freezing equipment for the fishing and food industry; designed and manufactured the first Expresso Coffee machines in Miami; Vacuum forming equipment to produce parts and complete Signs for the advertisement industry.

Between 1982 and 1986 working for Ramp Master Industries as Production Manager manufacturing special equipment for the Marine Industry, conveyor loading ladders, and towers loaders for passengers of the biggest cruise lines.

Today developed and created the components used in the Hydrogennie Generator Systems than used water to generate Hydrogen and Oxygen gases by mean of the process known as electrolysis to disintegrate the molecular structure of the water and use these gases to replace gasoline and diesel fuels in the engines in the Transportation Industry.
This line of components is being tested for more than 3 years and the results proven being effective and many times better that we have being claimed.
Guido Manfredo Sanabria,
Hydrogennie Systems Inc. Florida USA
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