With more than forty years of experience in the field of Industrial Engineering, starting in 1970 as owner of GMS Metal Products in the city of Hialeah, in the State of Florida, designing and manufacturing equipment used in restaurants and the food industry in general.

During 1972 GMS Metal Products changed its name to Sanco Industries Inc. designing and manufacturing automatic equipment for the Abbott Laboratories of Chicago, freezing equipment using Liquid Nitrogen for the food industry and seafood maintenance; and manufacturing the first automatic espresso coffee machines in Miami for restaurants; machinery for the production of lighting signs for the advertising industry.

Between 1986 to 1986 working as Production Manager for the RampMaster Company manufacturing equipment for the maritime industry, transporters to load and unload personnel from the SS Norway one of the largest cruises during those years and equipment for the transport of materials for the Army of the U.S.

Today, having designed the Hydrogennie Hydrogen Generators to replace with water the use of Gasoline and Diesel in motors of the transport industry, you can see them on this site. This equipment has been tested for more than three years having obtained better results than projected.
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