The Hydrogen Generators available in the market use Electrolysis to generate Hydrogen. In this process when DC current passes through
the water between the electrodes generate heat besides the hydrogen. If this current exceeds certain limits the temperature will be
enough for the water to boil, producing steam, which would defeat the purpose.

The Hydrogennie Generators use a cooling system (thermostat, water pump, and radiator) that keep the maximum temperature under 150
degrees Fahrenheit.  In this way we obtain an optimum production without the side effects. Water boils at 212 degrees F.

The Hydrogen Generators in the market use electrodes made out of stainless steel, the chemical composition of the electrolyte (mixtures
of water baking soda or sodium hydroxide).
The electrochemical reaction in the electrolysis generates rust and others residuals on the electrodes surfaces; these substances also
change the color of the water and reduce the production of gases.
As a consequence, there is need of constant maintenance which involves changing the water and with time to change the electrodes.

The Hydrogennie Generators use electrodes made of a special alloy, a special electrolyte formula and a high frequency generator to avoid
the accumulation of oxides or rust caused by the electrochemical process maintaining the water as clear as when you filled the tank for
the first time and the electrodes free of contaminants. Eliminating the maintenance used in other equipment

The Hydrogen Generators in the market
Use transparent water tanks or clear tubes outside of the tanks to show the water level. In order to verify the water level you have
open the hood of your vehicle to check it.

The Hydrogennie Generators HG-1200 use a water tank that works just like your car radiator.  You fill it until it overflow, there is no
possibility that you can pour more water than necessary. The water tank has a minimum water level sensor that notify the driver by a
Monitor in the cabin in order to refill the water tank when need it.

The Hydrogennie Generators HG-XXI,

Use a Water Tank that contain Destilled Water, a Distribuitor where the water is mixed with the Electrolyte. This Distribuitor has a
minimum and maximum water level sensors that supply the Hydrogen Cells and notify the Driver when to refill the water tank..

The Hydrogennie Generators use the numbers displayed on the Monitor to inform you when to add electrolytic. The correct reading will
show 12.75V with the engine running, if it is greater than this number you will need to add electrolytic, follow your manual instructions. If
the reading is less than 12.5 volts your battery needs charging or you used excess electrolytic when you filled the tank for the first time.

The Hydrogen Generators in the market use a manual switch to turn on the equipment.
This is good; however, if you forget to turn it off, very dangerous!

The Hydrogennie Generators automatically turn the system on when you start your engine through a vacuum switch activated by the
motor vacuum when is running, as soon you turn your engine off the equipment is instantly goes off.

We are now introducing  the Master Control
This electronic device does not exist in any other hydrogen generator, and will not work in combination with any other system because in
order to work you need electronic sensors that do not exist in any other equipment on the market.

It is a logical circuit that works in conjunction with the thermostat, the minimum and maximum water level sensors,  a voltage sensor,
thermostat, vacuum switch. If all the parameters are correct your equipment, will work; if one of them is out of phase, the equipment is
automatically disconnected and your vehicle will continue working as well as before the installation of the equipment.
Also is an electronic generator of high frequency which dissolves substances generated by the process maintaining the electrodes free of
impurities and water as clear as the first day and a regulated voltage to activate the water pump.

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